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Page 1 : Cheap & easy benches, Homemade Loco horn, Installing springs & brushes, Making a beach umbrella,

Modify a broken Aquarium car,  Make a dummy Egg liner , Track cleaning ideas, Cheap plastic bird house buildings, Make an awning for caboose windows, cheap flat buildings, Modify a searchlight car, Quick & easy freight car stirrups, and removing the PRR Keystone decal from USA Trains NW-2 w/o repainting

Page 2 : Quick, strong replacements for railing holders on USA Trains, Storing rollingstock, add hidden weight to Aristo flatcars, and 'How to fix USA Trains 0-6-0 Tank engine's built in chuff" when it double chuffs,  Easy Re# of some USA and Aristo locos, Easy clean people, Barrels, trash cans, Cheap paint supplies, sturdy freightcar stirups and a Circus tent, Make an interior for a Dining car, Cheap wire for handrails etc from birdcage.

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