About the FOXBORO RR

     The Foxboro was created in 1976. It was on a small platform until we got our own house in 1979. Then a room in the basement was allotted for the RR. It is built on bench work around the walls, approx. 42" high. This room is finished and the RR only needs detailing with trees, people etc. All towns except Foxboro are named for relatives.  All buildings are built and in place and named. The RR is a modern day RR. 

     The Foxboro RR is designed as a modern shortline, with motive power of  GP-38's, GP-38-2'S, GP-40's and GP-40-2's, B-23-7'S, GP-15's, SD-40's, and some MP-15's, a GP-9, a U25B and 2 small Plymouths.

     The RR also has a passenger division for a small commuter operation with over a dozen streamlined coaches, and a large tourist passenger operation. This consists of 7 steam engines, 8 PRR diesels, 3 PC diesels, 2 CNJ, 4 RDG, 2 NH, 1 EL, 2 PRSL and 2 b&o diesels. Also a bunch of P-70 coaches, about a dozen old-time coaches. There also some open gondolas w/benches, some RDC cars, a PRR doodlebug and various cabooses lettered for the same RR's as the diesels. Plus a couple steam generator cars and other misc. equipment.

     The RR runs all kinds of specials during the year, including the holidays. Included is a dinner train periodically during the year.

     All this allows me to run pretty much whatever I want and have a valid reason for it.

     About 10 years ago I expanded into my workshop, tunneling thru the wall and continuing the main line on a shelf around 3 walls of that room. The track is laid and working and the buildings all done and situated, but still lacks ground cover and other foliage and details. All together, both rooms, if considered as one, measure 38' x 12'.    

     I've just started this  N-scale Foxboro RR website section, even thought the Foxboro has been around since 1976. Although not complete, I just haven't taken may photos yet. Time now to start.    I'll have a lot more to keep adding, so keep checking back. 





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