Foxboro Railroad

My N-Scale RR

Ship smart- Use 'The Fox'

I kitbashed the following fleet of RR trucks to serve the RR.

4 Crane trucks
3 dump trucks & a worker transport bus 3 utility trucks
Railroad fleet- 3 pick-ups & RR Police 4 wheel drive FRR's first paint scheme 12-83
I added to this building the signs and 'Simon the Pieman baker' on top. I bought this assembled, but poorly. It was refurbusihed, kitbashed and painted at the hotel section for the restaurant.
Enginehouse at Alberta Yards Alberta Yard looking toward Foxboro
AmChem (American Chemical) AmChem
ConPet (Consolidated Petroleum) in Foxboro Downtown Foxboro
Foxboro McDonalds Graveyard at Foxboro- lower right:Headless horseman W/Pumpkin for head, A hanging
JB Scrap & Salvage Skinners Mills- Iron Horse Caboose Motel in background
Travelines Bus garage Fire Scene (with flicker bulb in tower) & O'Toole Fuel
Shusterville Jct- O'Toole Fuel & Mikki Mart Shusterville Jct and tunnel to next room
Truck driver finds todays 'Special' on the road Shusterville Jct- Tunnel will be brought out and made to fit into scene better
Yard Sale Dakota County RR Museum
Dakota County RR Museum Shawnster Hts and tunnek from other room. It to will be made to fit in the scene better.

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