Garden City Railroad

Leaf Blower Project


With the rebuilt railroad in 2017, it became necessary to remove some leaves from the trees it was now under. AS I had the searchlight car on hand, I used it to built the leaf blower. I removed the caboose, added switches in the yellow box for a cab light and a headlight. I ordered a 12 volt marine bilge pump for about $20, and picked up several pieces from lowe's plumbing section for the rest. The first piece attached to the pump was a reducer that I inserted at an angle downward and screwed to the pump. The next piece I am not sure what it was, but screwed it to the reducer. Then I took a piece of thin plastic pipe, squashed the end in a vice and heated it with a heat gun. When cold, it was inserted into the last piece, then the assembly was painted black. I added some metal speaker grill to the rear of the pump to cover the impeller. 
Then I took a cab off of a derelict Bachmann steam engine, enclosed the front where the boiler cutout was with wood styrene and added a door in the rear where it was open. I used the headlamp from the same engine and installed it on the cab along with a horn. Next I had Ward Hutton wire up a bridge and a ? so that the pump always blew in the correct rotation, rather than having to reverse direction to do it. I had to remove the foot styrups that I had originally added to the search light car and replaced them in the new location along with handrails.  I made brackets that I screwed to the front and back of the cabs insides, and attached velcro to both so that the cab wouldn't fall off, but could be easily removed for bulb replacement. Them I added an operator figure.

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