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Ex-Gulf tankcar WRNX 15007-(See report marks under 'G"), found in Lancaster County-Seems many farms use them for ?

Another example-You can see on left the mountsites, and where dome was on right, center (There are dozens of examples in Lancaster County)

Also PRSL, Glassboro NJ

Conrail Police Training Car, at Blue Mt & Reading RR, 1980's

Down on view of Conrail Wheel transportation Amtrak-Wilmington, Del. June 1983- Check out that 1/2 of a GG-1 in the center.  PC  cut GG-1 4846 in half and uses this as a snow-blower. Is this now a G-1/2?
1977 Pintos delivered by OPEN racks - 1978
Budd car demo  on Vineland, NJ secondary, - 1980

Sperry Railcar 119, Sewell (NJ) - 1988

Sperry Railcar 130, Sewell NJ - 1990

Sperry Railcar 143, Sewell NJ -1988

Alco's shop switcher, Strasburg RR, Pa. - 1991 Caterpillar stuff on flatcar- Enola, Pa. 2009

Last run of the GG-1 - 10/29/83 - North Jersey

Last run of the GG-1 - 10/29/83

Precision National Leasing - 1978

Amtrak E60 969 in Wilmington, DE - 1983

USA 7926 on Valley RR, Essex Ct. - 1983

John Bull replica under steam running on Strasburg RR - 1983

John Bull replica under steam running on Strasburg RR - 1983 CP 2839 on Wilmington & Western - 1981 
Amtrak Plow 45906  in a junkyard off 896, Strasburg, Pa. - 1984 Ditto- Don't know how it got there, or later where it went. 
PC A5515, Now on Middletown & Hummelstown RR

New Jersey Transit Mobile Command Bus, Meadows Enginehouse, NJ - 2000

Railbus at Knox & Kane RR, (RR now defuct after a serious fire)  - 2000

Wreck at Woodbury, NJ - 1985

Same At Strasburg RR engine house Dec 2010-Ex Army RSD-1 #8011. By 8-2012, restored to US Army paint at Ft Eustis, Va. It was built in 1942 and spent time on the Iranian State Rwy run by US Army.

Amtrak F40PH Cab - 1983

Chessie Locomotive painted gold , 30th Street station -1983

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