Garden City Railroad


Engine house - 3 Meekers Manufacturing - (New 2017)
John's Gas Station - (New 2017) Bear's Repairs. Justin still arguing with  Mad Magazine's Alfred T Newman who claims the engine is missing from the front of his VW Beetle
Cubby's Diner - (New 2017) O'Toole Fuel's new tank
GCRR Main Office GCRR Yard Office
GCRR Engine Facility GCRR's Diesel Fuel storage tank in rear
The electrical cabinet (made from a battery holder) contains the power switches (Next photo) for the two yard/engine house tracks Inside the electrical cabinet-the 2 switches for the yard/engine house tracks
Garden City Station. Hiram Hooper on right, hooping orders. Left- Watch out for zombies!

The local papers' headlines states there is a problem with the town's outhouse door.
KIA Theater, new for 2017. Marquee lights up. Coming attractions seem to favor Shih Tzus.
Flying a kite
"Hi, Judy!!" Balloons and kites
Tabitha's Cat house Cricket Industries
The covered bridge and fisherman   Railfan waiting to photograph a train
These 4 photos show the graffiti inside the covered bridge. Pretty much covers everyone in the family.
Butterfly Garden at north end
Shawn - Owner of O'Toole Fuel The new Melbert Enginehouse

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