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A note on our equipment- All equipment gets Aristocraft couplers and metal wheels. Usually, they get the couplers, wheels and trucks painted a rust color.

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PRR 9921
PRR 100 'ALBERTA', named for my mom Another shot- PRR 100 - The 'ALBERTA'
USA Trains GP-9 PRR 7189 renumbered the same way as the NW-2 Rebuilt USA Trains GE 44-Tonner with Aristo Motor blocks
Rebuilt USA Trains GE 44-Tonner with Aristo Motor blocks. It was out of service for years due to lack of USA Trains replacement bloks, so I managed to reconstruct it to take 2 Aristo blocks that I was able to procure. GCRR #194


GCRR #192 has been painted into company colors - Late 2013 PRR 9162, a USA Trains NW-2 re-numbered by process shown in 'Tips' 
PC 9756, S-4 PC 9756, S-4
RDG 3 is metal and VERY heavy w/sound RDG #3 As it appears now as RDG 1251 w/sound
PRR 1201 W/sound PRR 8832 RS-3 w/sound
PRR 9833 F Unit has sound RDG Camelback 1399 w/sound
Piko battery operated track-cleaning engine - 2019

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