Garden City Railroad

Equipment Roster



GCRR Business car 'JUDITH ANN' PRSL Coach 9925


RDG Coach 1515 painted by myself RDG 1353 painted by myself
RDG 1510 painted by myself Observation Pottsville
RDG 1315 painted by myself RDG 1013 painted by myself
PRR Combine 14 PRR Coach 15
PRR Observation  21 'Josephine' PRR 9 Diner
PRR Pullman #16 PRR Baggage #13
PRR #4 PRR #5
PRR Coach 1315 PRR Diner 4400
Our passenger train

GCRR Passenger train

GCRR Coach 54 GCRR Coach 55
GCRR Observation 79, the 'Michelle Nicole' GCRR Open coach 84, the 'J.B. Nelson'
Car 12 for Motor Doodlebug M-1 Car 12 for Motor Doodlebug M-1
GCRR Open excursion car #6 GCRR Open excursion car #7
Open caboose #11 for above yellow train Disney-type car #1 which gets pulled by little engine #206
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