Garden City Railroad

Equipment Roster


Snowplow bashed from Aristo boxcar, cupola, and the rest scratchbuilt. The wings are movable and lock into positions. Light works.
Hiram & Jed dig out of a problem spot. Speeder No. 7
Track cleaner easily pushed around by loco and easy to pick up on the run Speeder No. 7 after facelift-2019
Former Loco 120 converted to dummy engine with track cleaning pad underneath
Home built leaf blower
MW-3, a track leveling car
Pickup No 2, not powered A homebuilt forerunner of the weed killer tankcar
Homebuilt camera-video car. Will track camera going into curves. Piko battery operated track cleaner
MOW 12 MOW 12 also has a trackcleaning pad underneath
Track cleaning train Track Sweeper MW-11
Track Sweeper MW-11 Track Sweeper MW-11
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Track Sweeper MW-11
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