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Fire Truck Eggliner

Some time ago I decided on this project after making the Police car eggliner. Of course, this will be a more complicated project. You will need sheets of styrene (sturdy, not real thin), and fire truck parts like a hose reel or two, ladder, suction pipes, extinguishers, and other parts for the pump panel, and a flashing light or two.  I made this up as I went along. I never make plans.
Disassemble the shell, cut the wires to all 3 rear lights, but leave the remaining wire long for later use for emergency flashing lights. Save the cardboard insert and leave all of the green windows in place.

On the front half: 1st cut- Just in front of the front side lights by the riveted plate (photo 1)

Photo 01
 I used a square to run a line to the cab roof, then held a piece of paper to form a top line to both side lines for the next cut (photo 2)
Photo 02
Cut across the roof straight down to the second from the top rail, (photos 3A & B) ........
Photo 3A
.........and then towards the rear at the rail.
Photo 3B
Next, leaving the green window material in place, take the back half of the shell and cut completely around the top at the 2nd rail from the roof (photo 4).
Photo 4
It should then look like photo 5.
Photo 5
Then make the cuts shown in photo 6 to make the access area at the rear of the hose bed. You will be making cuts approx.  one-half way thru the window on each side and down to the top of the middle rail, and all the way around the back to the same place on the other side, removing the area marked with the ‘X’.
Photo 6
At this point, file the cuts flat. There will also be 2 little ‘tabs’ on the front half of the shell where the 2 cuts met. (photo 7 & 8).
Photo 7

File these down flush with so the rear cab wall will fit against the cab sides.



Photo 8
Cut pieces for the rear wall of the cab. I did this by fitting the cab to the sheet styrene, marking it and cutting it to shape (photo 9). 
Photo 9
Then measure and mark out the bottom half of the rear cab wall (photo 10)
Photo 10
I found it easier to do it in two pieces 

(photo 11).......

Photo 11
….. and then glue them together with a strip added to re-enforce the joint (photo 12).
Photo 12
I also traced the original cardboard floor on sheet styrene and cut out a new, thicker floor to use for the hose bed. (photo 13).
Photo 13
To fill in the windows (4 full and 2 half windows), I forced a piece of paper down into one of the window wells and ran my finger around the edges to neatly form the proper size for a cut out. (photo 14).
Photo 14

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