Special Projects

Fire Truck Eggliner

I took to hand grab rails from from spare freight car parts and drilled and installed them in front of where the hose reels will go to look like rollers (for when the imaginary hose is pulled off the reel). Paint them silver. Then both hose reels were mounted (Photo 61). Note: hose reels can be made from thread spools and wrapped with wire or string. Spools are also available in the wood area of Michael’s and A.C. Moore.


Photo 61
I used the naturally formed loops in paper clips and cut and twisted them for the 2 draft hoses Photo 62)……


Photo 62
....and the ladder (Photo 63), drilling and gluing them into the side of the eggliner.
Photo 63

The 2 black drafting hoses were made from plastic pipes painted black, and slightly larger pipe cut and installed on the ends and painted silver. I drilled thru this and installed a cut off nail thru both to serve as the lugs. The ladder was from the scrap box, painted wood brown (Photo 64).


Photo 64
I added a hydrant wrench from the donor truck under the pump panel, 2 extinguishers on the rear step and an axe, shovel and lamp on both sides of the deck top (Photo 65).
Photo 65
Then I added the siren to the cab roof (Photo 66)…..
Photo 66



 ....and 2 firemen to the rear step (Photo 67) (although it would be better to install them later if you choose to wrap gold leafing around the shell.)

Photo 67

I had a bell from the donor that I drilled a hole for on the front coupler holder and bent the rod for it to stand out a little (Photo 68).


Photo 68


I decided to add ‘gold leaf’ stripes, as most older fire trucks had them painted on. I used 2 sizes of ‘Pactra trim tape’ (Photo 69), wrapping them around the top and bottom.

Photo 69
I also hit up the donor for 2 more valves/outlets and installed them on the right side (Photo 70).


Photo 70
A little bit of glue on the draft hoses and ladder to secure them (Photo 71).
Photo 71
At this point, I rectified the mistake of the windows by taping off everything except the 3 windows, and gave them several coats of Testor's 'Dullcote'. Then a complete whole body spray of Testor's 'Glosscote, decals and a sealing of Glosscote finished the project.
Photo 72
Photo 73 Photo 74
Photo 75 Photo 76
Photo 77 Photo 78

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