Garden City Railroad


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Cycle cop hiding behind as billboard for 'Track 33' Trains, which was a real store in my area at the time. Run by Vince.

A deer 'hunter' hunting a hunter that is hunting a deer.

LGB 0-4-0 that I changed into Reading. Since been sold.
Exact copy of Roland, our real school crossing guard Motorized dog toy. They chased it!
Hiram 'The Hooper' hooping up train orders at KN Tower Shuster Hts Trolley stop

Main Street

Cubby's Garden Center-Cubby standing out front
Garden City Station ZOMBIE!!!
My daughter's ferret "JAZZ" getting a ride - 1998 Peek-a-boo



New southern end trolley stop at  Hutton 

Railfan cameras click as a local exits the tunnel

Cricket Industries, O'Toole Fuel & GCRR HQs 

Crossing protection with Roland the crossing guard
Engine 192- now painted blue LGB 'EDNA' with New Bright tender-since sold
'Eggliner' engine.  Built on a motor block. 'Eggliner' Caboose with M&M Characters and fake Tootsie rolls

Painted PRR LGB into Rdg to pull the cars (Now off roster)

The 'Graveyard Express' in Haunted Hollow Bunnyville train- Diorama lifts out
The next few pages of photos shows what the layout looked like prior to the 2017 dismantling

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