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     This is not train related, but my father was so modest that his work might never see the light of day unless I post it here. 

     My late father, Mel Nelson, took up learning wood carving a few years after he retired. (He was a farmer part of his life and a machine shop model-maker for another 25-30 years). With his first attempt at wood carving, he won 1st prize over his teacher. From there, he just continued to get better and better. He started out with birds and ducks. Then he moved on to people eventually to entire scenes. He never cheated and used any available commercial parts, he carved EVERYTHING, including cannon balls. Some carvings had music boxes attached, such as the piano in the bar scene. 

     He also become the 'Wood Carver' at Wheaton Village in Vineland, N.J. (A restored glassblowing village). He kept up carving until Macular degeneration eventually claimed his eyesight. 

   Please go thru the pages to the end as the carvings become incredible. And bear in mind, he gave several away of which I never got any photos of. There are approx 100 photos in this album. Most of his carvings were divided up between his 3 children (includes me) and his 2 grandchildren and then on to the current 2 great grandchildren. 

     If you visit my railroad, please ask to see some of them in person. 

     The last couple pages are of things he did before he took up carving. You'll see a chalk drawing, ceramics and furniture.

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