Special Projects

Here some photos of things I've kitbashed and painted

I kitbashed this into a NE caboose from an Aristo caboose

Track level test car

Homemade 'Rat Railer' car, carries pet rat 'Tinkerbell"

Scratchbuilt trackcleaner - made to drop in front of train and easy to pick up without stopping train
Turtle Eggliner-It is depowered (runs on 2 freight truck wheels).  Also lighted.  I cut out 4 window pillars Turtle Eggliner-With the windows wider, I detailed the inside and hand-painted the whole thing as Judy likes turtles
Wheel cleaning gadget- Electric by transformer or alligator clips to outside track Close-up of brass wire brush heads with 14 ga wire running thru them

I built this covered bridge totally from scrap on hand, including some lathe left over from Ward Hutton's home remodeling project 

Overhead view- roof is one piece shingle

I also added a wood block with an Aristo pad velcro-ed to it on the tender. It can move up & down just like the Aristo  MOW caboose 

The tin with the stone is for weight 
Lead trucks for camera car turns camera before curve. Weighted with lead blocks.  From  a Lionel car-removes window mullions
From a Bachmann-blank out cupola windows, add mullions to windows. Motorized kitbashed 'Loose Caboose'
Cow moos when reed switch crosses magnet  Hand-painted baby eggliner

A  cut down, open air, dummy eggliner

GCRR Open car 'J.B. Nelson' made from Bachmann coach

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