Special Projects

Here some photos of things I've kitbashed and painted


When not in use, or when spraying is done on one side or the other of the tracks, the hose can be clipped into the white cable staple. Staple is removable to either side. New cradles- one slightly higher than the other so the liquid will run down to the valve. Removable nails used to secure cradle to the car by simply dropping it thru the sides.
Added posts,chain and stirrups

Bachmann Dining Car

This is a simple thing to do if you are or know a diabetic.In photo 1, on the left, are Insulin 'Kwik-pen" covers. In the middle shows cutting off the tops to make the glasses. On the right shows the needle-tip cover, which you poke a hole in the top and insert a flower (in my case, a red pin). Photo 2 shows the table cloth. It is printed on paper and glued to the table (In this case, a 35mm film cannister mounted on a stick, but a pizza box support would work too.). My dining car is a PRR so I found photos of the appropiate plates and silverware on the internet, and downloaded them into MS Paint and put them in a circle. Then made multiples, printed and cut them out. Glue onto the tabletop, and glue on the glasses and vase. This will probably work for any brand/size of dining car.

Close-up Instructions
This lantern was made from a common thumbtack These electrical cabinets/Bungalows are made from battery holders, these in particular from the bottom of Bachmann passenger cars. I sand of the arrow, paint them silver and add a knob (Screw).
The following is the interior of a PRR Bachmann coach made into a diner. In the first photo, left to right:: caps from diabetic needles. Middle, tops cut off to make water glasses. Right, the blue covers for the needle tip. And 2 red top straight pins.

The second photo shows tables made from film canister tops mounted on styrene, with the tops covered with table cloth and utensils. I searched the internet and found pictures of PRR Plates and silverware, and printed them on white cardstock. The pins made for a rose in the vase (needle cover).

This is a larger one made from the battery holder of Christmas lights. Doors were made of styrene anf glued on.I use these around the track to hide/protect wire-nutted wires sticking up where I tap into the continuous power wire  to the track.
Next 2 photos:

Using old plastic wheels, Cut off the actual wheels, rust'em up with paint and glue them to a raised platform in a gondola. Be sure to add something to lift it out easy (in this case, a small wire loop on each end)

Overall photo
I have grade crossings which are difficult to cleans.I got tired of getting down and doing them with an eraser-type cleaner, so I built a special gadget to do it standing up.  
A block of wood (actually 2 blocks glued together to get the thickness I wanted), cut to fit between the rails of a crossing, an old unsed mop handle. Drilled handle in at an angle and glued and bolted it in tight.
Top Side

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