Just for fun

"I have your next order of leaves ready. Should have them by the end of the day."  (Shawn Viggiano's photo and quote)

A mere blemish on the paint


"Hey! Did you just feel a bump?" "Don't you dare light that thing!"
Drugs- before & after Slight delay


"Hey! Room for one more?"


LiL Critter? Just kidding LiL Critter? Just kidding again
I just knew it
Click on below to see 'The ADDAMS FAMILY' RR blown up by Gomez



Is this a traction photo?


"Outta my way, Bud!"
Sorry sir, road's closed. Some idiot parked a train on it


"Stop humping him!"
"I say just cut it in half, call them switchers and savea lot of time and trouble"


"SHIT! Sir Toppem Hats' gonna be PISSED!"


Thailand Train in marketplace


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