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Baltimore Street Car Museum No 554, Baltimor Md,  1982 Baltimore Street Car Museum, Baltimor Md,  1982
Following are photos of the Bridgeview Inn Bed & Breakfast.

The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast is nestled along the west shore of the Susquehanna River, with a splendid view of the Susquehanna Valley, including the famous Rockville Bridge - the world's longest stone arch railroad bridge at the time of its construction in 1903. The Bridgeview provides home-style accommodations for laid-back people, featuring ten guest suites and plenty of places to kick back and relax. A favorite location is the sitting room, with picture windows overlooking the Susquehanna River and Rockville Bridge. Three of the B&B's four sides are enclosed by a front porch and wraparound back deck, and a large grassy picnic area is available. Visitors can sit back and observe railroad activity, birds, and wildlife, and of course, the river view.
Constructed almost one hundred years ago, and significantly remodeled in 2008, guests will enjoy the relaxing, home style atmosphere of the Bridgeview. Those familiar with the location will remember this site as a former Sporting Goods & Tackle Shop. The Bridgeview's suites do not feature telephones or televisions; however, wireless Internet access is available for guests. All rooms have in-room individual air conditioning, Ethernet LAN connections, and in-room bathroom and shower, a small desk, and feature dual twin beds. The facility's common spaces - such as common room, porches, and sitting room - as well as one guest suite are handicapped-accessible.

Also, just down the road is NS's Enola Yard

In the area above the steps, behind the Inn and the road, the trains pass also

Once again, you can see the RR right of way in the background. View looking south
View looking north at the bridge View looking south
View of River

View opposite side of river

Rockville Bridge as seen from porch

Abandoned tunnel within walking distance Helicopter (look thru arch) spraying something
Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast
Overall view of Bridgeview Inn (not my photo) Steam into History- North Central RR, New Freedom, Pa. 8-14-13
North Central RR, New Freedom, Pa. 8-14-13.  'York' No. 17

North Central RR, New Freedom, Pa. 8-14-13.  'York' No. 17- At Hanover Jct where Lincoln stopped on his way to Gettysburg.

North Central RR, New Freedom, Pa. 8-14-13.  'York' No. 17

The 2 passenger cars to the left were in the mini-series 'North & South"

8/15/13 8/14/13
8/15/13 8/14/13



8/14/13 - This car was in the mini-series 'North & South'.

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