Our Shih Tzus

Misc Photos

My son's pot belly pig "Chleo' lived with us a few years until he bought a house. 2015
At one time we had 4 dogs. (L-R) Queenie, Dakota, Kia & Meekers.  Meekers & Kia
Meekers, Dakota & Kia, Jan 1999 Meekers, Kia & Dakota
Meekers ,Kia & Dakota  Feb. 1999 Meekers & Dakota
Dakota & Cricket Dakota & Cricket
Cricket & Willow Dakota & Cricket
Cricket & Dakota Cricket & Dakota
Cricket & Willow 2015-04-05 Cricket & Willow 2015-04-05 
Cricket & Willow Dogs 2015-08-05 - This is were they posed for their drawing that is in the next frame. And they were still the whole time! August 2015, drawn at Kitchen Kettle Village, Lancaster Pa.
Cricket & Willow Cricket & Willow 3-21-16 

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